Brain Snacks are inexpensive foam brain teaser puzzles. Each puzzle contains instructions with several brain teasers sure to challenge anyone from age 8 to adult.

Squared Squares

All 48 square pieces in this puzzle combine to make a single large square that fills the frame. Break the pieces apart, separate them by color, and use them to make three smaller squares. Then try to fit them all back in the frame!

Item 1302. Suggested retail price: $3.95
Item 1312, with magnetic backing. Suggested retail price: $4.95


This puzzle consists of 10 pieces, each of which is a shape known as a "polyhexe". Polyhexes are created by connecting regular hexagons. Rearrange these 10 pieces to form a variety of wintertime things, including a snowflake, a group of three Christmas ornaments, and a pair of spruce trees.

Item 1303. Suggested retail price: $3.95
Item 1313, with magnetic backing. Suggested retail price: $4.95

Pentominoes Plus

The classic Pentominoes, plus the other polyominoes made up of one to four squares. There are nearly endless challenging brain teasers based on these intriguing shapes!

Item 1301. Suggested retail price: $3.95
Item 1311, with magnetic backing. Suggested retail price: $4.95


This puzzle consists of the ancient Chinese Tangram plus three additional pieces. Remove all the pieces and replace them without the magic square to fill the fram again! Plus fifteen original Tangram paradoxes.

Item 471. Suggested retail price: $3.95

The Puzzle of Pythagoras

A puzzle inspired by the Golden Ratio, which fascinated Pythagoras and his followers. One large pentagon can be rearranged to form different combinations of smaller pentagons. Loaded with fun geometry content!

Item 473. Suggested retail price: $3.95

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