Measurement and Geometry by Design

Second Edition

by Russell F. Jacobs

Measurement and Geometry by Design contains 44 exercises ranging in content from the use of metric and customary units of measure to right triangle trigonometry. The second edition includes four new exercises on the geometry of solids.

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Item no. J164; ISBN 978-0-9846042-1-0. Contains 44 activity pages. Grades 4-11.
Suggested retail price: $19.95.

Topics include:
• Measuring to the nearest unit
• Measuring with customary units
• Measuring with metric units
• Measuring to scale
• Customary linear units (add and subtract)
• Conversion of linear units
• Units of time
• Time zones
• 24-hour time
• Temperature conversions
• Perimeter of a triangle
• Area of a rectangle
• Area of a triangle
• Using a protractor
• Measures of angles of regular polygons
• Volumes of rectangular solids
• Circumference of a circle
• Area of a circle
• Tangent, sine, cosine
• Lengths of diagonals of rectangular solids
• Properties of Spheres, Cones, and Cylinders

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