Middle School Math by Design

Second Edition

by Russell F. Jacobs

Middle School Math by Design contains a variety of activities appropriate for students in grades 5-8, as detailed below.

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Item no. J1694; ISBN 978-0918272362. Contains 40 activity pages. Grades 5-8.
Suggested retail price: $19.95.

Topics include:
• Order of operations
• Word problems using whole numbers only
• Selecting a prime number from a list of whole numbers
• Writing a composite number as a product of prime factors
• Finding the least common multiple of two numbers expressed as a product of prime factors
• Adding or subtracting mixed numbers
• Adding or subtracting denominate numbers
• Finding a missing term to make two equivalent fractions
• Reading lengths to scale
• Adding and subtracting with decimals
• Multiplying and dividing with decimals
• Word problems involving percents
• Word problems involving fractions, decimals, and percents
• Mental computation
• Finding the next number in a given sequence
• Adding signed numbers
• Subtracting signed numbers
• Multiplying signed numbers
• Dividing signed numbers
• Algebraic word problems
• Counting rectangles, squares, triangles, and trapezoids
• Probability

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