Algebra II Topics by Design

by Russell F. Jacobs

This title is a sequel to our popular activities book, Algebra I Topics by Design. It covers topics usually contained in the second-year algebra course. However, there are many activities that can be handled by students who have completed only a one-year course in algebra. Each teacher who is planning to use Algebra II Topics by Design should examine each page of exercises to determine if they are suitable for his or her students. Often a few minutes of review or a short discussion of topics new to students will enable them to complete a set of exercises successfully. The format of Algebra II Topics by Design is the same as for our other "design" books.

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Item no. J1696; ISBN 978-0918272386. Contains 42 activity pages. Grades 10-12.
Suggested retail price: $19.95.

Topics include:
• Finding the slope of a line from its graph
• Slope-intercept form of a line
• Finding the slope of a line given the coordinates of two points of the line
• Parallel and perpendicular lines
• Sum of two ordered pairs of numbers
• Properties of real numbers
• Sum of two vectors from a graph
• Solving equations
• Solving inequalities
• Simplifying products of powers, powers of powers, and radicals
• Simplifying expressions with rational exponents
• Operations on radicals
• Factoring
• Solving quadratic equations by factoring
• Quadratic formula
• Values and graphs of quadratic relations and functions
• Simplifying radicals
• Operations on rational expressions
• Solving a system of two linear equations
• Graphs of linear inequalities and systems of inequalities
• Operations on complex numbers
• Solving quadratic equations with complex roots
• Solving for a variable in the exponent of an exponential function
• Solving logarithmic equations
• Sequences and series
• Matrices and determinants
• Inverse of functions

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